RATEL16: Born Low – Refuse To Beg/Hunger Within CD

Born Low is one of the best NY bands right now and I always wanted to work with them therefore there you go, their last two 7″s on one digipack CD, 12 songs altogether, in the US released by Reaper and Bad Ground records so you know the deal.
Listen to their 2 tracks each from both 7″s.

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KING NINE – Scared to Death CD/LP preorder is on

Thanks to Mass Movement Records we are now taking preorders for European pressing of KING NINE’s debut LP “Scared to Death”. There are only 150 copies of this vinyl all on black color out of which first 60 ordered comes with additional cover and are hand numbered. As for the CD version together with the band we decided we will stick to the US pressing’s cover and yeah, the CD will also be out end of January.
Go to the STORE for further info.

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All the best in 2014 / RATEL SAMPLER 2013

If you asked me how was this year for Polish hardcore in numbers I would say records used to sell better, headcount at the shows dropped a lot, not too many new faces I have seen around, maybe number of poseur kids that suck stayed constant… so yeah it’s just the way it’s supposed to be, one year is good, another turns out worse – ups and downs just like with everything around. From this place we want to thank ALL OF YOU who support our label, our bands, other small labels and DIY scene, all of you who like us live hardcore 24/7.

Whoever’s not familiar with what we have released from the end of 2012 through whole 2013, check out our label sampler and download it for free.

Best wishes for 2014.

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