3 bands contribute to the newest Ratel release. These are pretty well known Power Play from Ukraine, younger brothers of Belgiums own Redemption Denied – Absolve and lastly a project of 3 ex-Last Dayz members – Heavy Runner. ‘Heavy hardcore’ would be the term that describes music of each band the best as none of these guys hide with their excitement for Guerilla Warfare DVDs. The bands present own songs on side A and cover songs of some hardcore classics including Death Threat, E-Town Concrete and Hatebreed on side B.

You can now preorder the vinyl from our STORE. Estimated shipping date is mid February 2017.

Listen to the songs under the link below:


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RATEL20: Upright – Here to Disappear 12″ PREORDER

Upright from Finland just commited one of the best records in European Hardcore in a while and we are more than happy to be a part of this release. Fans of Breakdown, Raw Deal/Killing Time and Agnostic Front should be satisfied of what they get from this release.

You can now preorder the vinyl from our STORE. Estimated shipping date is early January 2016.

Listen to the whole record under the link below:


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RATEL16: Born Low – Refuse To Beg/Hunger Within CD

Born Low is one of the best NY bands right now and I always wanted to work with them therefore there you go, their last two 7″s on one digipack CD, 12 songs altogether, in the US released by Reaper and Bad Ground records so you know the deal.
Listen to their 2 tracks each from both 7″s.

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